High Frontier
In the Blink of an Eye . . .
By: Ambassador Henry F. Cooper / March 05, 2014

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran wins more time and money for its nuclear ambitions
By: Reza Kahlili / November 27, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Dodging the Iranian nuclear bomb
By: Reza Kahlili / November 14, 2013

American Center for Democracy
Obama’s Back-Door Dealing with Iran
By: Rachel Ehrenfeld / November 8th, 2013

High Frontier
Rouhani Rope-a-Dope and a Trip Down Memory Lane!
By: Ambassador Henry F. Cooper / October 08, 2013

High Frontier
Don’t Believe Your Eyes!
By: Ambassador Henry F. Cooper / September 24, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Obama’s tone-deaf note to Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / September 18, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: The Syria stalemate
By: Reza Kahlili / September 09, 2013

American Thinker
No Cause for Optimism with Iran’s New Leader
By: Reza Kahlili / August 17, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Rouhani’s Iranian nuclear deception
By: Reza Kahlili / August 07, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran elects a ‘good cop’ who isn’t good at all
By: Reza Kahlili / June 18, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: New election in Iran, but same result
By: Reza Kahlili / June 12, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: A green light for Iran’s new terrorist war
By: Reza Kahlili / May 29, 2013

American Thinker
Iranian Presidential Election Turning into a Circus
By: Reza Kahlili / May 21, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Syrian crisis signals Iranian vulnerability
By: Reza Kahlili / May 16, 2013

The Guardian Express
Iran Elections and American Influence as Ahmadinejad Reaches term limits.
By: James Turnage / May 16, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Teetering on the brink
By: Reza Kahlili / May 08, 2013

The Guardian Express
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrested
By: Randy Rose / April 30, 2013

By: Reza Kahlili / April 16 , 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Why nuclear talks with Iran is a fool’s errand
By: Reza Kahlili / April 5, 2013

American Thinker
Experts Concerned Iran Nuclear Progress Is Accelerating
By: Reza Kahlili / April 1, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Heavy traffic across Iran’s ‘red line’
By: Reza Kahlili / March 21, 2013

The Washington Times
KHALILI: The West’s dangerous naivete on Iranian nukes
By: Reza Kahlili / March 07, 2013

American Thinker
Michael Moore, don’t do it!
By: Reza Kahlili / March 05,2013

By: Joseph Farah / February 19, 2013

The Washington Times
KHALILI: Obama planned peace talks are recipe for disaster
By: Reza Kahlili / February 09, 2013

Jerusalem Post
Iran, Syria and North Korea step up work on biological weapons

Jerusalem Post
Ex-CIA man: Iran blast largest sabotage in decades
By: Yaakov Lappin / January 28, 2013

Times of London
Iranian uranium-enriching facility ‘is damaged by explosion’
By: Sheera Frenkel Tel Aviv / January 28, 2013

Die Welt
Expert reports severe explosion at nuclear plant
By Clemens Wergin / January 27, 2013

Iran: Rumors of explosion at nuclear plant important
January 27, 2013

The Washington Times
BELLAMY VAN AAIST, LOPEZ, KAHLILI: Scent of ‘germ’ warfare raises fear in the Mideast
By: Bellamy Van Aaist, Clare Lopez and Reza Kahlili / January 24, 2013

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Obama’s engagement with mullahs has only bought them time
By: Reza Kahlili / January 03, 2013

By: Reza Kahlili / December 16, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran thrilled over Obama re-election
By: Reza Kahlili / November 23, 2012

It’s Official! Iran Fulfills Obama Surprise
November 05, 2012

By: Reza Kahlili / November 02, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Obama’s re-election deal with Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / October 30, 2012

Renew America
Part 12 – 2012: America’s last free election?
Behind the Iranian “October surprise”: attack on the U.S. homeland?
By: Wes Vernon / October 25,2012

The Record
Dick Morris: An election year deal with Iran
By: Dick Morris / October 23, 2012

Israel National News
US-Iran Secret Nuclear Deal tied to US Elections
By: Dr. Joe Tuzara / October 22, 2012

October 20, 2012

The October Surprise
By: Michael Ledeen / October 20, 2012

By: Reza Kahlili / October 08, 2012

The Washington Times
KHALILI: Iran preparing for nuclear war
By: Reza Kahlili /October 05, 2012

By: Reza Kahlili / October 04, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran uses ‘Innocence of Muslims’ to distract from its nuclear program 
By: Reza Kahlili / September 25, 2012

American Thinker
Middle East a Tinderbox, American Leadership Absent
By: Reza Kahlili / September 13, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor
US must actively work for regime change in Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / September 12, 2012

New English Review
What Lies Behind Iran’s Nuclear Threat – An interview with Ex-CIA Agent Reza Kahlili
By: Jerry Gordon / September Issue

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran admits giving WMDs to terrorists
By: Reza Kahlili / August 14, 2012

New English Review
Kahlili: Iran’s EMP Threat to America and Israel
By: Jerry Gordon / August 10, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran’s radical rulers close in on the bomb
It’s not too late to stop nuclear ambitions
By: Reza Kahlili / August 09, 2012

The Daily Beast
CAIR Loses a Fight
By: David Frum / 

CAIR Strikes Out
By: Michael Ledeen / July 25, 2012

By: Reza Kahlili / July 24, 2012

Ex-Revolutionary Guard member: Iran ready with terror plans to hit U.S. if Israel attacks
By: John Miller / July 19, 2012

World Tribune
Iran defector has emerged as key U.S. intel asset
Special to / July 10, 2012

Los Angeles Times
Former CIA spy advocates overthrow of Iranian regime
By: David Zucchino / July 6, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iranian talk is cheap -
Western powers must act against Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / June 18, 2012

The Daily Caller
Islamic world must have nuclear weapons, says Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / June 10, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor
Iran talks in Baghdad: Western naiveté
By: Reza Kahlili / May 22, 2012

The Daily Caller
Iranian defectors: Khamenei said anti-nuke ‘fatwa’ won’t matter
By: Reza Kahlili / May 14, 2012

American Thinker
Iran Says New Cyber Warfare Is Attack on Economy
By: Reza Kahlili / May 1, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran nuclear compromise no longer needed
By: Reza Kahlili / April 10, 2012

American Thinker
Dissidents Warn Iran’s Supreme Leader
By: Reza Kahlili / March 27, 2012

American Thinker
Why Iran Thinks America Won’t Attack
By: Reza Kahlili / March 22, 2012

American Thinker
Congress and the Country Need Ken Timmerman
By: Reza Kahlili / March 17, 2012

The Daily Caller
Iranian expert: Fully-operational Fordow nuke facility Iran’s trump card
By: Reza Kahlili / March 05, 2012

The Daily Caller
Obama, Iran in secret nuclear deal
By: Reza Kahlili / February 27, 2012

The Daily Caller
Iran’s grand ayatollahs: Earth belongs to Muslims, end is near
By: Reza Kahlili / February 23, 2012

The Daily Caller
Suicide bombers poised to strike U.S., Iran warns
By: Reza Kahlili / February 21, 2012

By: Reza Kahlili / February 05, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor
Ex-CIA spy: History of failed negotiations shows Iran won’t deal
By: Reza Kahlili / February 01, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor
Ex-CIA spy: Iran’s miscalculation over war
By: Reza Kahlili / January 26, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor
From an ex-CIA spy: US must exploit new split in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

By: Reza Kahlili / January 04, 2012

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: The coming war with Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / December 29, 2011
China Is Helping to Arm Iran and Sidestep Sanctions Thanks to an Assist From North Korea
By: Reza Kahlili / December 14, 2011

American Thinker
Obama’s Dream for Iran Becoming a Nuclear Nightmare
By: Reza Kahlili / December 08, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: On pins and needles and missiles in Tehran
Blast signals approaching nuclear danger

By: Reza Kahlili / November 28, 2011
Iran Will Never End Its Nuclear Quest Because It Believes Allah Is Protecting the Country
By: Reza Kahlili / November 21, 2011

American Thinker
Ron Paul Ignores Iran’s Treachery
By: Reza Kahlili / November 11, 2011

American Thinker
Sanctions Won’t Stop Iran’s Nuclear Bomb Program
By: Reza Kahlili / November 08, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran already has nuclear weapons
By: Reza Kahlili / October 27, 2011

The Washington Times
By: Reza Kahlili / October 21, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Putting an end to Iran Air terror flights
By: Reza Kahlili / October 14, 2011

American Thinker
Get Off Your Knees, Iran Warns Palestinian Leader
By: Reza Kahlili / October 13, 2011

American Thinker
‘Arab Spring’ Part of Iranian Plot to Dominate
By: Reza Kahlili / October 04, 2011

American Thinker
Hezb’allah Cells Active Worldwide, Including in U.S.
By: Reza Kahlili / September 29, 2011
Must America Accept a Nuclear Iran?
By: Reza Kahlili / September 18, 2011

Iran and the EMP Threat
By: Reza Kahlili / September 12, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Michael Moore, rethink your trip to Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / September 05, 2011

Why I renounce Islam and choose Christ
By: Reza Kahlili / August 24, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Luring Israel into war
By: Reza kahlili / August 24, 2011

Protecting America from EMP attack
By: Reza Kahlili / August 12, 2011

The Trouble with Turkey
By: EMERSON VERMAAT / August 12, 2011

Iran Says U.S. ‘will be taught the mother of all lessons’
By: Reza Kahlili / August 07, 2011
Are Iran’s Leaders About to Get Rid of Ahmadinejad?
By: Reza Kahlili / August 05,2011

JIMON Magazine
Interview with Reza Kahlili, author of “A Time to Betray”
Part OnePart Two
By: Steffan Piper – F/W 2011, issue #4

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iranian missiles could soon reach U.S. shores
By: Reza Kahlili / July 29, 2011

Big Peace
The Big Retreat: Destroying The Defense Budget
By: Peter R. Huessy / July 26,2011
Iran Warns Turkey to Butt Out of Syria
By: Reza Kahlili / July 25, 2011

Iran Successfully Tests Nuclear Missiles
By: Reza Kahlili / July 13, 2011

American Thinker
Western Intelligence: Iran Helping Gaddafi in Confrontation with NATO
By: Reza Kahlili / July 07, 2011

“The regime has killed the rebellion” (Das Regime hat die Rebellion erschlagen) – (In German)
By: Dieter Bednarz / July 04, 2011

Iran Delivers Threatening Letter to President Obama
By: Reza Kahlili / July 03, 2011

Shock: Iran Defense Minister – One of Interpol’s Most Wanted – Meets with U.S.
By: Reza Kahlili / June 27, 2011

The Objective Standard
Interview with an Ex-CIA Spy
Embedded in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

By: Craig Biddle / June 17, 2011
(Interview also in German: Interview mit Reza Kahlili, einem Ex-CIA Spion, der als Doppelagent in den iranischen Revolutionsgarden tätig war. Das Interview führte Craig Biddle für die Zeitschrift The Objective Standard)
Iran Tests Nuclear Missile Warhead Design
By: Ken Timmerman / June 02, 2011

Mounting Pressures Descend Upon Iranian Regime
By: Gary Feuerberg / May 31, 2011
Does Iran Now Have Nuclear Capable Warheads?
By: Reza Kahlili / May 31, 2011

A Time to Betray: True Story of Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Wins Two Prizes in 2011 International Book Awards
May 2011

Are We Facing an Iranian Missile Crisis? The Dereliction of our Media
By: Ron Radosh / May 19, 2011

The Yale Globalist
A Conversation with Reza Kahlili
By: Uriel Epshtein / May 2011
Opinion: Iran is Building a Secret Missile Installation in Venezuela
By: Reza Kahlili / May 17, 2011
Iran Behind Israel Border Clashes

By: Ken Timmerman / May 17, 2011
Why Is a Delegation From Iran Coming to the United States?
By: Reza Kahlili / May 16. 2011
Are Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Preparing for a Coup?
By: Reza Kahlili / May 09, 2011
Bin Laden Is Dead But the Real Terror Threat From Iran Grows Stronger Every Day
By: Reza Kahlili / May 06, 2011
Computer Worm Wreaking Havoc on Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities
By: Ken Timmerman / April 27, 2011

Exposing Iran’s End Times Vision
By: Ryan Mauro / April 22, 2011

American Thinker
Iran, Nukes, and China’s Inroads to the Middle East: What’s Next Mr. President?
By: Reza Kahlili / April 21, 2011
Iran Leaders Backpedal Over Movie Predicting Destruction of Israel
By: Ken Timmerman / April 14, 2011

Have U.S., International Spies Penetrated Deep Within Iran?
By: Reza Kahlili / April 13, 2011

Iran’s End Times Documentary
By: Ryan Mauro / March 29, 2011

CBN News
Iranian Video Says Mahdi is ‘Near’
March 28, 2011
Iran Film: Iran Plans to Conquer Israel, World
By: Ken Timmerman / March 28, 2011

Iranian Rulers, Believing Pre-Messianic Destruction Is Imminent, Make Film To Prepare Muslims
By: Reza Kahlili / March 28, 2011

The Coming, and Why the Left Doesn’t Understand Iran
By: Roger Simon / March 28, 2011

Big Hollywood
‘Iranium’ Could Scare America Straight
By: Sarah Lee / March 08, 2011

The Christian Science Monitor
Iran’s brutality toward women should shock West into seeking regime change
By: Reza Kahlili / March 08, 2011

Iran Scrounges For Uranium
By: Ryan Mauro / March 07, 2011

Iranian Crackdown Thwarts Opposition — for Now
By: Ken Timmerman / February 25, 2011

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iranian regime: Israel’s days are numbered
People of Iran: The regime’s days are numbered

By: Reza Kahlili / February 18, 2011

Toronto Star
Power of Iran’s elite Guards may prove unbeatable
By: Olivia Ward / February 17, 2011

Pajamas Media
BBC Persia: Mouthpiece of the Mullahs?
By: Reza Kahlili / February 12, 2011
Egypt Unrest — Will Obama Manage to Avoid Jimmy Carter’s Middle East Mistakes?
By: Reza Kahlili / February 09, 2011

American Thinker
Islam, Human Rights & The Iranian Regime’s Killing Spree
By: Reza Kahlili / February 09, 2011
Does Obama Understand the Threat of a Nuclear Iran?
By: Reza Kahlili / January 27,2011

Pajamas Media
Iran’s Defense Minister Vahidi Threatens the West. Remember Who He Is?
By: Reza Kahlili / January 27,2011

Big Peace
Iran from the Inside: Q&A with Reza Kahlili – Former Member of Republican Guards and CIA Spy
By: Peter Schweizer / January 09,2011

The enduring disaster of the Carter Presidency
January 4, 2011
Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Bomb In North Korea?
By: Reza Kahlili / December 30, 2010

To Bomb Iran or Not to Bomb Iran: That is the Question
By: David Solway / December 23, 2010

Big Peace
American Praises Her Iranian Captives?!
By: Reza Kahlili / December 16, 2010
Iran’s Plan to Kill American Generals Is Not an Idle Threat
By: Reza Kahlili / December 15,2010
Iranian Revolutionary Fires Still Burn
By: Ryan Mauro / December 13, 2010
Iran Continues On Its March to a New World Order — When Will We Put An End to It?
By: Reza Kahlili / December 09, 2010

American Thinker
Our lethally uninformed civilization
By: Mladen Andrijasevic / November 27, 2010

‘Iran is a latter-day Nazi Germany’
After turning his back on the Revolutionary Guards and becoming a CIA agent, an Iranian known as Reza Kahlili insists Israel has the best intelligence about his homeland
By: Yossi Melman / November 26, 2010

Ex-CIA Spy to Congress: Help Iranians Topple Regime
By: Ken Timmerman / November 19, 2010

Foundation For Democracy in Iran
Expert panel examines Iran options
November 17, 2010

Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Iran Will Bomb Israel
by: IsraelNN Staff / November 03, 2010

Israel Today Magazine
Iran will bomb Israel, warns former Revolutionary Guard
By: Ryan Jones / November 03, 2010

Jewish Tribune
If Iran’s nuclear ambitions are not curbed, we could be in for 2nd Holocaust.
By: Joanne Hill / October 20, 2010

Washington Times
Ahmadinejad’s Lebanon victory lap
As West sues for peace, Islamic regime boldly advances

By: Reza Kahlili / October 12, 2010

Big Peace
Ahmadinejad: America Can’t Do a Damn Thing
By: Reza Kahlili / October 12, 2010

Iran Admits It Could Pull Nuke Trigger on US, Israel
By: Ken Timmerman / October 05, 2010

National Review
What You Might Not Learn from an Iranian President at Yale
(Letter from an Iranian Torture Chamber)
By: Reza Kahlili / September 28, 2010

Yedioth Ahronoth
A Time For War
A former member of the revolutionary  guard’s call to topple the regime in Iran.

An interview for Yedioth America (in Hebrew)
By: Orly Azoulay / September 28, 2010

Ahmadinejad Lies, and the West Complies
By: Reza Kahlili / September 24, 2010

Slate Magazine
Is It Hard To Get Into Iran’s Revolutionary Guard?
By: Brian Palmer / September 23, 2010
EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela Cancels Round-Trip ‘Terror Flight’ to Syria and Iran
By Ed Barnes / September 15, 2010

The Canadian Jewish News
Iranian exiles call for regime change in Iran
By: Sheldon Kirshner / September 15, 2010

Shalom Life
Former Iranian Double Agent Speaks in Toronto
By: Doris Strub Epstein / Sepetember 13, 2010

Toronto Star
Iranian leaders must be ousted but not by force: ex-security agent
By: Olivia Ward / September 07, 2010

The Washington Times
KAHLILI: Iran goes nuclear
The West vacillates while Armageddon approaches

By: Reza Kahlili / August 27, 2010

American Thinker
Iranian Bushehr reactor deadline looms
By: Mladen Andrijasevic / August 14, 2010

Did He Spy for Nothing?
By: Mona Charen / August 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad Drops A Bomb
By: Reza Kahlili / August 05, 2010

The Coming End Of Islamic Fascism In Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / July 22, 2010

Pajamas Media
Credibility Problems at the Washington Post: Second Blogger Gets Called Out for Dishonesty
By: Reza Kahlili / July 20, 2010

They Will Kill Amiri -
The Code Name is Division 5000 -
The revolutionary Guards Killed the Turkish Journalists
(in Turkish)
By: Tolga Tanis / Hurriyet Washington Correspondent / July 18, 2010

Hurriyet PazarHurriyet - PAZAR

The National
The man who betrayed Iran to the CIA
By: Hamida Ghafour / July 17, 2010

National infoZine
The Life and Times of an Iranian CIA Spy
By: Neel Arora / July 14,2010

The Jerusalem Post
Sanctions on Iran are “a fantasy.”
By: Hilary Leila Krieger / July 11, 2010

Ex-soldier in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard writes of life as CIA spy
By: Elise Labott, CNN Senior State Department Producer
July 10, 2010

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: A Defector Speaks
Featuring David B. Crist and Reza Kahlili
July 09, 2010

Ex-CIA Agent: U.S. Should Support Iran Regime Change
By: Ken Timmerman / July 08, 2010

Dissent in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
By: Ryan Mauro / July 07, 2010

How A Regime Change In Iran Would Transform The World
By: Melik Kaylan / June 25, 2010

There Will Be War - The time to support Iran’s people is now.
By: Reza Kahlili / June 21, 2010

Interview with Author Reza Kahlili
By: Nicholas Addison Thomas
June 14, 2010

One Year After Iran’s Green Uprising
Iranians will shout ”Allaho Akbar,” only this time it will be a plea for help and freedom.

By: Reza Kahlili / June 10, 2010

Conscientious Equity
Former CIA Informant Reza Kahlili: Iran will Inevitably have Nuclear Weapons
By: Neal Asbury / June 08, 2010

Israel Hayom
Betrayer of Evil (in Hebrew)
By: Udi Golan / May 28, 2010

Iranian betrayer thrills with spy tales
By: Jim Fletcher / Exclusive Commentary / May 25, 2010

The U.S. does not understand the goals of the regime (in German)
Interview with author Reza Kahlili, who worked as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for the CIA
By: Jonathan Weckerle / June 2010

Q&A With Reza Kahlili, Iranian Double Agent.
By: Hannah Elliott / May 20, 2010

Pajamas Media
West’s Complacency Will Bring About Its Demise
By: Reza Kahlili / May 08, 2010

Pajamas Media
Voice of America: Carrying Water for the Mullahs?
By: Reza Kahlili /May 06,2010

UK-Sunday Express
CIA’s Iran secret agent claims his country bombed Lockerbie plane
By: Ben Borland / April 25, 2010

Deadline Press
Iranian double agent claims Iran behind Lockerbie bombing

By: Oliver Farrimond / April 25, 2010

Ex-Iranian Spy: Iran Will Use Its Nukes
By: Jim Meyers /April 19, 2010

Reza Kahlili’s Opinion on How to Combat Iran Part Three
By: Elise Cooper / April 16, 2010

Are the Actions of Iran’s Leaders Truly Unacceptable to America?
By: Reza Kahlili / April 16, 2010

A Time to Speak out Against Iran Part One of Three
By: Elise Cooper / April 13, 2010

Washington Post
David Ignatius reviews ‘A Time to Betray,’ the memoir of an Iranian double agent
By: David Ignatius / April 11, 2010

Inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
By: Kevin Sullivan / April 11, 2010

Michael J. Totten
Our Man Inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards
By: Michael J. Totten / April 06, 2010

The Daily Beast
An Iranian Secret Agent’s Message to America
By: Reza Aslan / April 05, 2010

Radio Free Europe
Interview: Former CIA Agent In Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Says ‘Regime Is After Nuclear Arms’
By: Golnaz Esfandiari / April 03, 2010

Ex-Agent Chronicles Being CIA’s ‘Eyes and Ears’ in Iran
By:Ken Timmerman / March 30,2010

The Christian Science Monitor
An ex-CIA spy explains Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons
Iran’s leaders say nuclear weapons are forbidden by Islamic law.
What I’ve seen suggests otherwise.

By: Reza Kahlili /March 24, 2010

American Thinker
A Time for America to act on Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / February 22, 2010

The Christian Science Monitor
As a CIA spy, I saw in Iran what the West cannot ignore
We must defend freedom in Iran soon – or deal with nuclear-armed fanatics later
By: Reza Kahlili / August 5, 2009

Pajamas Media
Obama’s Grand Delusion about Iran
By: Reza Kahlili / May 1, 2009

Pajamas Media
An Open Letter to President Obama on Appeasing Iran
A nuclear-armed Iran under the mullahs is near. Failure to comprehend their intentions will have grave consequences.
By: Reza Kahlili / February 20,2009

Pajamas Media
From Russia With Love
By: Reza Kahlili / January 22, 2009

Pajamas Media
Dissecting the Iran-Hamas Terror Connection
By: Reza Kahlili / January 15,2009

Pajamas Media
Former Iranian Officer Explains the Games Mullahs Play
By: Reza Kahlili / August 08, 2008

Pajamas Media
Former CIA Agent in Iran Comes In from the Heat
By: Roger L. Simon / July 08, 2008

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