Human Rights

Three decades of crime and cruelty. Three decades of innocent lives lost. Three decades of a brutal regime destroying a historic country.

I’ve witnessed it all. Our women and men, young and old, put in front of firing squads, their families forced to pay for the bullets. Teenage girls raped before their execution, no longer virgins, thus denied entry to heaven. Boys and girls hanging lifeless from cranes because the regime believed their thoughts were harmful. Fathers wailing because they could not protect their sons. Mothers stoned to death because adultery was the only way they could provide for their children.

I have witnessed enough!

I was taught that Islam was the religion of love and honesty. I was taught that God was great and forgiving. The Islamic Government in Iran does not uphold these teachings. Instead, they kill and destroy in God’s name.

The people of Iran desperately want democracy and freedom. We need to listen to them — and we need to speak for them. Their voices are being suffocated inside prison walls the mullahs have built.

We are a nation. We are human beings. We deserve what every human being deserves.

Please join me in our efforts to stop the criminal mullahs. We can no longer abide their atrocities.

Amnesty International

Committee to Protect Journalists

Human Rights Watch

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

International Federation for Human Rights

Reporters Without Borders

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