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Ahmadinejad ministers face impeachment

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


Mon, 07/23/2012
Mehdi Ghazanfari – Sadegh Khalilian

Iranian Parliament has announced plans to impeach the ministers of Agriculture and Industry in reaction to rising prices across the country.

MP Esmail Jalili told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday that 24 signatures have already been collected on a motion to impeach the Minister of Agriculture, Sadegh Khalilian and to get explanations about “the rising price of agricultural and livestock goods.”

He added that the motion to impeach Mehdi Ghazanfari, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, had already gathered 20 signatures.

“The motion to impeach Mehdi Ghazanfari has been prepared with 20 signatures, and the most important reason for it is his ineffective management of the market and his failure to prevent rising prices.”

House Speaker Ali Larijani has also blamed the administration for the rising price of food and goods in the country due to its mishandling of government-subsidy restructuring.

The Ahmadinejad administration scrapped government subsidies on energy and food staples last year. In their place, the government began a program of monthly cash handouts to help families weather the increased pressure on their household budgets.

Some experts have blamed rising prices on the international sanctions against Iran, which have been ratcheted up in the past year, as the U.S. and the EU took a stronger stance against Iran regarding its nuclear program.

Fathollah Hosseini, another MP, criticized the administration’s performance, saying: “We all know that sanctions have been there since the beginning of the Revolution, and it is not acceptable to blame sanctions for our inability to control the market.”

He added: “The administration has to go the whole nine yards to control the market because the public and its representatives are seriously concerned about this issue.”

According to Iranian parliamentary regulations, a motion to impeach a minister can proceed if it carries the signatures of at least 10 MPs.

Colbert:Iran Bans Necklaces and Shorts (See Video)

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Stephen Colbert expressed his opinion yesterday (06/15) on his show “The Colbert Nation” about the suppression of the Iranians under the rule of the Islamic regime:

Iran Bans Necklaces and Shorts

Stephen calls on his Iranian brothers to embrace the bedrock Western value of short shorts.

Rape and Torture a Common Practice Under Iran’s Islamic Regime (see Video)

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Ever since the Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran and the rule of the clerics, rape, torture and execution has been a common practice by the Iranian rulers.

The clerics even honored those who killed the most. Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, as the chief judge of the Revolutionary Courts, had ordered demonstrators killed and virgin girls raped prior to execution so they could not go to heaven. He called the torture and killing of male and female opponents of the regime fair and just. All for no other reason than they violated the Islamic law as viewed by the mullahs. He was awarded the highest judicial honor for his 30 years of service to the Islamic Republic.

Recently Mohammad-Javad Larijani — head of the human rights council in Iran’s judiciary called Execution, Eye Gouging, Cutting off Hands and Feet and stoning ‘Beautiful and Necessary’ under Islam.

Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi, a member of the Assembly of  Experts (The body that chooses the Supreme Leader) in a meeting with the Iranian officials asked to implement the cutting off hands with the same persistence of wanting to wipe Israel off the map!

Ayatollah Ahmad al-Hoda, the Friday prayer of the city of Mashhad, also recently announced that women who allow their head scarfs slip and show their hair are most dangerous to society and must be stopped. He went on by also criticizing women who ride bikes calling them evil who must ride bikes only at home and not in public.

I have detailed the cruelty of the Islamic regime in Iran through my personal story in my book “A Time to Betray”, Roya’s letter clearly describes the inhumanity under Islam and the pain and suffering of those in prison where they are not only tortured but raped and forced to have sex with the very clerics in charge of guiding them toward Allah!

See the video below of yet another victim of this cruel regime describing her ordeal in prison:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Heritage Event:IRAN: Rising Power and Deepening Internal Repression

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

I was honored to be invited to an event on Iran (IRAN: Rising Power and Deepening Internal Repression at the Heritage Foundation) alongside distinguished speakers; Dr. Kenneth Katzman, Dr. Walid Phares, Kenneth Timmerman, and hosted by James Phillips. Many attended; among them diplomats, congressional staff and reporters. The central message we stressed was that the Iranian leaders pose the gravest danger to the world and that it is time to support the people of Iran with their aspirations for freedom and democracy.

Here is my remarks at Heritage:

I want to first thank everyone here at the Heritage Foundation specially our host, Mr. James Philips for putting together this important event. It is a great pleasure and an honor to be here today specially alongside such dignified speakers.

Let me start by giving you a bit about my background. I was born and raised in Tehran. Studied here in the US in the 70s and returned to Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979. There with the request of my friend, I joined the revolutionary guards using my expertise in helping with the infrastructure and training.

However just a few months after that, I realized that the country was headed to a wrong direction and that the clerics who had promised not to interfere in the politics were now consolidating power and enforcing the very radical Islamic laws.

It was not just the people of Iran who misread the true intentions of Ayatollah Khomeni and the clerics, so did the Western leaders. Khomeni had disclosed to associates that he had three goals for Iran: One was to remove the monarchy and overthrow the Shah, then establish an Islamic State and last to pass on the flag of Islam to the last Shiite Messiah, Imam Mahdi. So in effect the inception of the Islamic regime in Iran was based on a messianic belief.

Khomeini showed the same belief in his speeches, one famous one in which he claimed that there will be war until the end of time and until Islam conquers the world / and one of the very first orders he issued to the Guards, specifically to Mr.Ahmad Vahidi then the Chief intelligence officer of the guards, who is now the Defense minister and also wanted by the Interpol for the Jewish community center bombing in Argentina, was to take the fight to the Americans and Israelis and pave the way for the glorification of Islam.

While expanding their forces into the region in exporting the revolution as they called it, at home the clerics called themselves representative of Allah on earth and called anyone opposing them as Mohareb, an enemy of God, tens of thousands were executed and executions continue to this day where according to reports from Iran over two hundred Iranians have been executed in just the first four months of this year.

It was in the 80s that I decided to come to US and seek help. I had witnessed first hand the horrors the clerics were bringing upon the people of Iran. Iranians were subjected to amputation as the punishment for stealing, lashing for not adhering to Islamic Hejab, stoning for adultery, and execution by hanging from cranes for speaking against the clerics. The newly formed Revolutionary Courts ordered the killing of peaceful demonstrators and raping of teenage girls prior to execution as they believed virgin girls will go to heaven so they wanted to deny them that reward .

And so I came to US with the hope of making the leaders of America aware of the nature of this cruel regime and make them understand that the Islamic fanatics in Iran will not only be a danger to the Iranians but that they will be a danger to global stability and America’s national security.

One thing lead to the other and I accepted to become a spy for the CIA in the revolutionary Guards.

In the ensuing years despite all the reports I had sent reflecting the terrorist activities of the guards and their intentions for the region and the world, I was frustrated to see that appeasement and negotiation was the choice of Western leaders in dealing with the fanatics in Tehran.

The West failed to understand the ideology of the Iranian leaders, consistently believing that at some benefit or cost, there can be an opening and that ultimately there will be a change of behavior on the part of the leaders of Iran. It is obvious now that after 32 years, all these attempts have failed. Most recently the outreach by President Obama who turned his back on millions of Iranians who took to the streets in the aftermath of the fraudulent Presidential elections of 2009. This is while thousands of Iranian youth have been murdered by the criminals in Iran.

The irony is that our leaders still fail to understand this ideology and are puzzled why carrot and stick does not work with these people.

Let me be clear that the Islamic fanatics ruling Iran believe with every cell in their body that it is their calling to glorify Allah and they take it literary from the Quran “ deceive thy enemy until such time you are strong enough to destroy them”, or “ Jihad on infidels until there are no more and all are believers of Allah”. We have to take them for what they say and have been saying for over three decades which has been Death to Israel and Death to America.

As many of you might know, I recently revealed their secret documentary “The Coming is Upon Us” in which they clearly show their plans for the world and the destruction of Israel. Their belief is based on centuries old hadiths by prophet Mohammad and his descendants which describes the very circumstances needed for the end of time and the re-appearance of last Islamic Messiah. The documentary also shows the current events in the region as a clear sign that the coming is very close.

The revelation of this documentary in the West and the coverage it got / started an irreversible rift among Iran’s leadership. As I disclosed then the movie was made with the collaboration of Ahmadinejad’s office, specifically with the help of Rahim Mashaei, President’s chief of staff and top adviser and ever since the senior clerics in Qom and the hardliners opposing Ahmadinejad, have harshly complained claiming that now the enemy (the West) is using this video to weaken the Islamic Republic of Iran by showing the inside intimacies of their sacred beliefs to the world. They also complained that Mashaei is trying to empower Ahmadinejad beyond the supreme leader and diminish the role of the clerics.

In the movie, though Ayatollah Khamenei is portrayed as that mythical figure, Seyyed Khorassani, who passes the flag of Islam to Imam Mahdi, The Shiites 12th Imam, but also Ahmadinejad is portrayed as the mythical figure, Shoeib ebn Saleh, the Islamic commander who conquers Jerusalem triggering the coming itself.

By comparing Ahmadinejad as that figure, it would mean that Ahmadinejad must remain in power for such an event to take place and the Presidential terms is meaningless and so the objection of clerics and those in command supporting Khamenei is that there can’t be two commanders and there is only one who will lead the movement and that’s the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

The infighting took an explosive turn with the dismissal of Minister of Intelligence, Heidar Moslehi by Ahmadinejad and the ensuing restatement of the minister by the supreme leader. Ahmadinejad wanted control of the Intelligence Ministry and access to the vital information which could be used against his opponents to consolidate power in the upcoming Parliamentarian elections. In the following days, many hardline clerics announced that not obeying the supreme leader would not be tolerated, adding that obeying him is mandated by Allah.

Over the course of last few week, the hardliners with the backing of Khamenei, have arrested 25 people loyal to Ahmadinejad and Mashaei. Among those arrested is the cleric Abbas Amirifar, the prayer leader of the presidential palace. He has been charged in connection with the production of the movie.

In response, the Ahmadinejad supporters, which include many in the Revolutionary Guards and Basij, warned the hardliners (supporters of Khamenei) that there will be blood and that neither Ahmadinejad nor Mashaei will allow this attack without responding.

And as I reported recently Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Chief commander of the Guards to prepare plans for Guards’ ground forces to coordinate efforts with the Basij militia in such a fashion as to prepare for possible clashes that would lead to a preemptory crisis and in such case to be ready to take control of the entire country, all governmental offices, ministries and presidential administration — and most importantly — purge Ahmadinejad sympathizers within all the ranks.

The Revolutionary Guards, however, fear that clashes between the supporters of Khamenei and those of Ahmadinejad would pour out to the streets of Tehran, sparking a renewal of the Green Movement and populist anti-regime protests.

All this has led to concerns among the revolutionary guards leadership, as dissent has been growing among their forces ever since the 2009 uprising and the ensuing brutal suppression where many of guard forces refused to participate in attacking the Iranian people. Now, however, there is also a known and irreparable rift between the hardliners, some of whom have clearly split loyalties — some loyal to Khamenei, while others are supporters of Ahmadinejad. The division in the Revolutionary Guards is now worst it has ever been, many despise the system as a whole, others are sympathizers of the Green Movement, another group backs Ahmadinejad while yet another group supports Khamenei.

I also received news a few days ago that Ahmadinejad’s team has declared that significant event is about to take place in the coming weeks empowering them even more as they believe per centuries old hadith that Imam Mahdi, Shiites 12th Imam will make his secret descend and at that time no deputies will be needed therefore the position of the supreme leader is null and void as orders will come directly from the Imam himself.

With the failure of President Obama’s approach on both negotiation and sanctions, Iran’s relentless pursuit of the nuclear bomb, its progress in their missile delivery program, rift growing within the leadership, the dissent among the Guards and the possibility of drawing Israel and America into an unwanted war to consolidate power by one of the two factions in Iran, it is of utmost importance for our leaders to take necessary steps in support of the Iranian people and provide the needed help for an overthrow of this regime, nuclear bombs in the hands of the fanatics in Iran will pose the gravest danger in the 21st century and a direct threat to global stability and our national security.

A new regime in Iran will transform the world: Much of worldwide terrorism will end; Iraq and Afghanistan will become much more stable where we could start withdrawing our forces; Lebanon will become more independent without the influence of Hezbollah; Israel will be more secure and there will finally be hope for peace between Israel and Palestinian leadership. We will witness positive effects throughout Central Asia and Latin America without Iran’s influence, and finally, no more appeasing China and Russia over Iran.

It’s simple. All we need do is support the Iranian people with their aspirations for freedom and democracy. Do not appease their leaders. Do not negotiate with them.

I urge President Obama and the Congress to consider the following actions:

Provide support to pursue the Iranian leaders through legal channels for crimes against humanity, for rape, for torturing and murdering Iranian citizens, for genocide against religious minorities, for involvement in international terrorism and for killing American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Help establish direct channels of communication with the Iranian people to provide information to the masses and to promote freedom and where they could communicate with the outside world without the fear of prosecution.

Ask our allies within European Union to cut diplomatic ties to a minimum.

Refuse airspace to Iran Air and ports to ships to and from Iran.

Help deport all Iranian agents in Europe who work out of Iranian Consulates, shipping lines, airlines, banks, mosques, Islamic cultural centers. We already know who they are.

The current regime is already showing signs of coming apart. Help widen that crack. Help embolden Iranians to take their country back. They are looking for your support.

Thank you and God Bless.

Watch the video (some technical problems with audio on my presentation)

The Washington Institute Event

Monday, July 12th, 2010

It was 5 a.m. and I could not sleep the night before worrying a bit too much about my presentation at the Washington Institute. I knew if there was ever an audience that could make a difference for the Iranian people, this was it. I had to be at my best. I had to get my message across that people of Iran wanted change and without the help of the West, they would not succeed.

At 6 a.m., I got an email from Fox News radio. It was for an interview. Arrangements were made and I did the interview, making sure to be ready and on time for the big event.

My body guard picked me up and we headed toward the Institute. They arranged a special spot for us to park close to the elevator, as requested by my bodyguard. Someone was waiting for us at the elevator and I was escorted upstairs, through a hallway and into a room.

My voice modulator was set up in the main room where over 100 guests were to be seated along with many more from the media. Two FBI officers made a request to see me. My bodyguard checked their IDs, and asked for my permission to let them in. Very nice guys! The conversation was very lively and we were all excited to be meeting and engaged in the exchange. They said it was okay that I criticized the FBI’s lack of knowledge in my book. We all shared a laugh.

The time arrived to be led into the main room; my hosts in front of me and my bodyguard right by my side. We walked a long hallway before entering the room from a back door as planned. This was my first time seeing the guests: the room was packed, the cameras set.

My hosts, Michael Eisenstadt and David Crist went first, speaking highly of me. I blushed and wondered if I was worthy of such words or the event. They introduced me and, amid the applause of the audience, I walked up to the podium, my heart started beating faster. I knew many important figures were there but not specifically who they were. I had not seen the list of guests. I kept telling myself: This is for Iran; This is for all those in prison awaiting execution; This is for all those who lost their lives; This is for justice, and so I began.

I grew more confident as the session went on and by the time we got into the Q&A segment, I was on top of my game:

“Please stop dreaming. You will not be able to bring about a change in the behavior of the Iranian leaders. This is a fantasy…

“You cannot evaluate them through a rational mind, through logic…

“Not being able to think outside the box and not understanding the philosophy of the fanatic mullahs is the reason for your policy failures of over three decades…

“This is while Iranian people have paid dearly trying to get their voice out … that they resent this brutal regime … that they want change.

“It is our duty to help them. We need to abide by our principles of freedom and democracy. We need to remain that guiding light for all freedom-loving people around the world…

“Every time we call Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, every time we negotiate, send letters, flowers, cake, we betray our principles and the Iranian people…

“Stop dreaming. For if you allow the Iranian leaders to obtain the nuclear bomb, it won’t only destroy Iran, it will also destroy the world…

“We need to take immediate action as our options are becoming increasingly limited, all because of our past vacillation.

“We need to have our European allies cut all diplomatic ties, cut all shipping lines, air space access. We need to put extreme pressure on this regime…

“We need to call out evil and, at the same time, let the Iranian people know that we will help them with their aspirations of freedom…

“If you do these things, you will see that the regime will fall…

“However, if you choose war, please do not bomb Iran’s infrastructure. Do not hurt the people. They have suffered enough. Don’t destroy Iran and Iranians, for they are your best friends and if war must be, all you need to do is take out the Guards, people will do the rest…”

When I got back to my room, I looked at the list of guests and am happy I did not see it before:

Counselors & others from Embassy of Germany, Israel, Sudan, Jordan, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand, Spain. Reporters from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, Fox, CBS, Tokyo Kyodo News, Turkiye Daily, Al Arabiya, Foreign Policy Magazine, Jerusalem Post, ProPublica Washington, NewsMax, PBS News Hour, Hurriyet … and important figures from Homeland Security, Dept of Treasury, Dept of State, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Justice, Office of the Secretary of Defense, FBI, U.S. Navy, Brigadier General from Joint Chief’s Staff, Potomac Institute for Policies Studies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, National Endowment for Democracy, Jewish Institute for National Studies, Middle East Institute, Combating Terrorism Center, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, White House Office of National Drug Policy, AIPAC, London Potomac Consulting, Congressional Research Service, American Jewish Committee, American Turkish Council, Egypt DOD, IMF, National Defense University, New America Foundation, U.S. European Command…

The Event:

Listen to the audio:

A Prayer for Iran

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Almost thirty years ago, I sat alone in my room, feeling helpless, and prayed to God to intercede and free Iran from the tyranny of the mullahs. I prayed for Him to guide me, to help me find a way to be able to fight for all the innocent people being tortured and slaughtered so senselessly. I prayed for my nation, whose identity was being stolen and whose dignity was being demolished, to be redeemed.

In my solitude, I felt as if I had a revelation. So, I came to America to seek help and ended up becoming a spy. I hid behind my own shadow for nearly three decades hoping that Iran, with the help of the Western governments, would know freedom. My effort only went so far.

But today is different. The support and heartfelt words of encouragement, offered by people from all over, have given me a renewed strength. I don’t feel so desolate anymore. I now feel an energizing hope for Iran. In every corner of the world, people are tweeting and blogging about Iran and the plight of the Iranian people. It’s more than just a prayer today. People from all walks of life, despite their nationality, culture or religion have shown compassion and kindness for Iranians.

Today is the day that our voices need to rise and be heard. We have to be loud and clear. We have to defend those inside Iran whose words are being choked before they can speak. We have a mission!  We must support the aspirations of the Iranian people in the upcoming protests on the anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections of June 12th. Iranians are being killed in demonstrations fighting for their rights. Mothers are losing their sons and daughters. Young people in Iran are trying to get our country back, the one my generation handed over to these criminal mullahs. For their sake, for their remarkable, courageous effort, we should not only pray, but strongly advocate their cause. We should consider it a duty; each and every one of us should try to help people of Iran end this tyranny!

I would like to once again share my “prayer,” the one in my book, from many years ago, as it remains true to this day!

“God, tonight I am doing my prayer differently. I am not following the routine and rules of namaz. As much as these Arabic words sound gracious and comforting, I have to talk to You in my own language. I need to tell You about my true feelings. I believe in Your power. You are my creator and I have felt Your presence throughout my life, but I have to make a confession. If what I am seeing in my country is Islam, then I no longer believe Islam to be the religion of honesty and sacrifice. I feel what is happening in my country is wrong. I feel the killings and crimes happening in Your name are unjust. How can I watch all these atrocities? How can I watch people being slaughtered and not be able to do anything? How can I forgive myself for not being able to deliver the promise I made to Naser, to rescue him and his brother and sister? I cannot witness Parvaneh, Roya, and thousands of girls like them being held behind bars, their hearts ripped to pieces, and do nothing. How can I believe Khanoom Bozorg’s stories anymore? I don’t believe that the Islam preached by Khomeini and his men represents true love and munificence. They kill for their own survival. They use You as a shield, an excuse. How can I stand by and watch while they demolish our proud history and civilization? We are a nation with a rich and vibrant culture. They are taking us back to an era where the barbarous acts of Mongols left nothing but bloodshed throughout the land. God, I am scared. I can no longer remain quiet and watch my country disappear into a morass of evil.

God, I admit I am helpless and am begging You for guidance, as You represent true love and justice and I believe in You and Your power.”

Iran Preparing for War

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

The Revolutionary Guards commanders have been ordered to prepare for possible war with Israel and U.S.

The matter was decided by the Supreme National Security Council of Iran and approved by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The belief is that the fourth UN sanction cannot be avoided and that it’s highly likely that Israel will attack the Iranian nuclear sites.

They feel confident  they can confront any uprising or confrontation from within, as all 31 Command and Control Centers in the provinces around Iran are in place and fully prepared. The preparation for this possibility has been in the works for a few years and is designed to increase coordination, requiring less reliance on the central government.

In case of a war or a breakdown in communications between the central government and Revolutionary Guards around the country, the commanders at each center can make independent decisions to face off against any enemy or confront any public uprising.

At this moment, the Guards are also setting up command centers in many abandoned industrial centers around the country to use as safe locations for communications and as possible detention centers for those in opposition. These detention centers will be under the supervision of the Guards.

The Guards have started to reinforce their units in strategic locations around the country, especially along the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan. They have installed missile launchers and set up other mock launchers to deceive any attacking force.

Hezbollah has been fully armed and will be used to attack Israel should Israel attack Iran. The Guards have obtained information about Israel’s nuclear sites and will target them in retaliation. They plan to increase instability in Iraq and the Persian Gulf by attacking oil fields, thus driving up oil prices to put pressure on the economy of the West.

The madmen in Iran are determined to acquire the nuclear bomb and to reach the point where they are untouchable.

The inevitable destruction of Iran and the lives of the Iranian people have very little value to them.

Forbes:Q&A With Reza Kahlili, Iranian Double Agent.

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Make sure to read my interview with Forbes as I provide my honest opinion on what needs to be done about Iran. While at the same time try to clear up the misconceptions of the West about Iran:

President Obama needs to realize that the Iranian leaders’ animosity toward the U.S. and the West has nothing to do with who the President of United States is or what our previous actions have been…

In my opinion, the biggest misconceptions the West have about Iran is that it is possible to negotiate with the Iranian leadership, that there might be other players in power (Rafsanjani, Khatami, etc) who could change the direction of Iran’s policies…

The only real solution for Iran is a regime change and this isn’t going to happen without the assistance of the West. Such a change would have unlimited benefit, not only for the people of Iran but for the Middle East and the world…

Read the full article here: Q&A with Reza Kahlili

The Jihadist in Tehran again Outmaneuver the White House

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In an effort to rebuke the Obama administration’s attempt for a fourth round of UN sanctions, and just when President Obama believed he had the agreement of Russia and China for such action, the Iranians yesterday announced an agreement with Turkey and Brazil for a nuclear swap.

The plan, originally offered in October of 2009 by the Unites States and other world leaders (5+1), was for Iran to exchange most of its enriched uranium (1200 kg) in return for higher-enriched nuclear fuel for a medical research reactor. After months of deliberation, the Iranian government declined the offer. The original arrangement called for the stockpile to be sent to Russia and then France for the conversion to fuel for a medical research reactor, which would then be shipped back to Iran.

Even though details about the new agreement, signed in Tehran, have not been made public, reports are that the Iranians will keep the stockpile in Turkey until such time that the higher-enriched uranium can be exchanged and shipped to Iran. Turkey will provide a guarantee to Iran that Iran will have access to its uranium material in case the West fails to provide the higher-enriched uranium in return. At the same time, Iran announced that this plan will not limit its current operation and that it will continue to enrich uranium at the 20% level.

There are several problems with what Iran is proposing: One is that the request, for a swap of 1200 kg of enriched uranium, was made over seven months ago. Iran’s stockpile, more than likely, has grown to an estimated 2,300 kg (in March, the IAEA said Iran’s stockpile stood at around 2,100 kg)—more than twice the commonly accepted amount needed to produce enough material for one bomb. So exporting 1200 kg of it will still leave Iran with enough material for one nuclear bomb; another is that keeping the requested stockpile in Turkey does not guarantee no access by the Iranians; and finally, Iran, in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, is continuing its enrichment process by installing new centrifuges, which can enrich uranium six times faster and produce more enriched uranium from less raw material. At the same time, they are continuing with their plutonium projects in Isfahan (fuel manufacturing plant) and Arak (heavy water plant).

One would hope President Obama has, by now, learned that appeasing Jihadist will not work as he thought it would. This self-absorbed illusion to be the first president of the United States to break the ice and get Iran to shake the extended hand has got the better of our President’s judgment.

President Obama started his ill-advised approach over a year ago when he sent his greetings and secret letters to the Iranian rulers. He released five Quds Force commanders (captured in Iraq in 2007) to show he was in earnest. However, the Iranian rulers responded by taking more hostages (American hikers and many more Iranian/American activists, who are now suffering in Iran’s Evin Prison). The Iranian rulers went even further—interpreting these efforts by the U.S. Government as a weakness—and slaughtered innocent Iranians during their protests last summer. They even bumped up their nuclear enrichment activities by expanding to a 20% level, where before, they kept it at 3.5% in fear of a backlash by the West.

President Obama’s second track, which was to impose crippling sanctions in case Iran did not agree to his terms on their nuclear activities, now appears to be a complete failure—even as a watered-down resolution by the UN is facing difficulty with new maneuverings by the Iranian government.

While the White House is in a state of confusion, as to how to stop Iran with its pursuit of nuclear bomb project, the Iranians aren’t. They have mastered this game for the past three decades and as long as the West continues to move its red line, the Jihadist in Iran will get one step closer to the finish line.

Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi, the head of the Party of God/Hezbollah in Iran, recently called for a greater Iran that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia, in an event that he said would herald the coming of Islam’s expected messiah. In a recent Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, another hardliner cleric, Ahmad Khatami, threatened the West that they better accept Iran in the “nuclear club” and warned the major powers that Iran could “endanger your entire world” in any future confrontation.

The question still remains: Will the West find the courage to not only stand up for the freedom of the Iranian people, but prevent a horrific future for itself and the rest of the world?

Voice of America airs part of my interview. Pars TV & Asre Emrooz also broadcast my interviews.

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Voice of America aired part of my interview (five minutes out of forty-five) on Saturday, May 15th.

Even though all of the important revelations about the Islamic Regime were censured and their line of questioning completely left out (trying to stay neutral with the Islamic regime!?), it’s still a first step. The broadcast was in Farsi and my part starts at 4.33 into the tape.

I was also interviewed by Mr. Zia Atabay on Asre Emrooz TV and Mr. Parviz Ghazi Saeed on Pars TV in which I discuss some of the secrets of the Islamic Regime, their terrorist activities, and crimes against the Iranians. The interview was aired live into Iran with no censorship and is now on YouTube:

I will be on Pars TV again next Sunday on the same program. I will soon set up a page on my website specifically for the Iranian media. My articles will be translated into Farsi so that those of us, who have an easier time reading in Farsi, will be accommodated.

With the hope of a free Iran

Reza Kahlili

Call For Protest Against The Islamic Regime In Iran

Friday, May 14th, 2010

To support the continued resistance of the Iranian people against the Islamic Regime in Iran and last year’s fraudulent presidential election, please join all freedom loving Iranians, Americans and others at a protest in Washington DC.

Let’s show the tyrannical regime in Iran that, if our politicians have lost their courage and forgotten their duty in protecting the values of this great nation in support of democracy and freedom, we have not.

Let’s gather in huge numbers to show all those boys and girls, men and women in Iran, who are risking their lives to make a change, not just for Iran but for the world, that they are not alone.

Let’s let all those in prisons in Iran under torture and threat of execution hear our voice loud and clear that we are with them and we support their aspirations for freedom.

Let us be the cause for change and let love prevail over hate.

Date: June 12, 2010

Time: 11 am

Place: In front of Islamic Regime’s Interest Section Office on
Wisconsin Ave.

Contact number:703-915-1930

Iranian Students protest at Beheshti university in Tehran

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Students protest at Beheshti university in Tehran, where Iranian fraudulent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech Monday.They chanted against Ahmadinejad and the Basij. They shouted “The filthy Basijis are enemies of the Iranian nation”.

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