Iran Protests and The Way Forward

Written by Reza Kahlili on October 3rd, 2012


In my article “U.S. must actively work for regime change in Iran” published in the Christian Science Monitor on September 12th, I revealed that the Iranian Intelligence Ministry had warned the officials of the possibility of riots due to the devaluation of the Iranian currency and the increasing inflation because of the recent sanctions against the Iranian Central Bank and the Iranian oil industry.

I suggested a path forward showing how the West could support the Iranians change from within this time around. This could help solve the Iranian nuclear problem without having to go to war.

Today riots are taking place in Tehran’s Bazaar to protest against the devaluation of the Iranian currency and the dire economic situation in the country. People are under immense economical pressure. In 2009, it was students and activists who dared to come out and demonstrate against the Islamic regime, which the majority resented. Now they are joined by the hungry masses from around the country.

This is an opportunity for the West to assist with a regime change in Iran, which would not only benefit the Iranian people, but the entire region and the world.

Without the Islamic regime,a moderate Iran would help stabilize the Middle East, weaken Hezbollah in Lebanon, Assad in Syria, Taliban in Afghanistan and would halt the spread of terrorism around the world.

The Iranian people are some of the most Westernized in the region. Tens of thousands have given their lives to the cause of freedom and democracy. If we fail to help and support them this time, the radicals will get the bomb, will use the bomb, and humanity will see the greatest destruction and depression in its history.

A nuclear exchange in the Persian Gulf will stop all oil flow from that region and collapse the global economy. This will create chaos, havoc and provide the exact environment which the fanatics ruling Iran believe will accommodate the coming of Shiite’s twelfth Imam, “Mahdi,” who in their belief will then conquer the world and raise the flag of Islam across the globe. This, in effect, will create the Caliphate they are working toward.

I also believe that due to the current environment in the Middle East and the situation with the global economy, it is highly unlikely that America and the European Union will have the stomach for a conflict with Iran. Russia and China, Iran’s long term allies, have already objected to any action in response to Iran’s pursuit of the bomb, suggesting that the only viable solution is through negotiations.

Although a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fully knows the consequences if Israel goes at it alone.

Any attack on Iran by any entity, if not combined with a goal of regime change, will prove unfruitful. Hence the importance of getting the people of Iran informed and involved in a movement for regime change.

Today, it is imperative that we provide secure communications to the Iranian people so that information can be sent to them to help them get united and ready. They need to know that the West will stand by them and their aspirations for freedom.

Action Needed:

1= Start a HD radio program into Iran

Taken into consideration that the majority of Iranians get their news from the state-run media which is directly controlled by radicals ruling Iran and that the Internet communication is under the ultimate control of the Islamic Republic, it is of utmost importance to provide Iranians with a channel of information which is less likely to be blocked by the regime and which provides less of a risk to Iranians to access.

2= Provide secured communication to the Iranians.

  • Provide technological tools to Iranian opposition which will allow them to independently unite every segment of Iranian society in their pursuit of a better life.


  • Utilize those tools to overcome current communications restrictions by the Iranian government including oppressive monitoring and imprisonment.


  • Enable free exchange of information on threats of Iranian leadership, and empower the opposition to independently guide the populace for a peaceful transition to full democracy.

3= Promotion of civil rights in Iran.

4= Promotion of civil disobedience, peaceful protests and national strikes.

5= Taking the Iranian leaders to International courts for crimes against humanity.

6= Promoting defection of the current officers in the regime.

Many within the regime are ready and willing to defect and provide valuable information. However there is no one certain channel that they can rely on or trust, we need to establish that channel and help the defectors with a safe passage to a secure location. Every defection will widen the current existing crack within the regime and will help with the fall from within.

7= Formation of a temporary government in Exile.

8= Openly supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.

Videos of the protests today:

Anti-regime bazaar protest, “If you have dignity then close your shops”

“Stop supporting Assad, Do something to support us”

Security forces attempt to control strike in Tehran bazaar

“Death to this government”

Anti-regime protest in Tehran “Death to Dictator”


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  1. Donna Cohen says:

    I read your book a while back and I thought it was great. I think we also have to send the opposition cash. Reagan gave the Polish cash and printing presses. We have to update that with computers and I phones. They must have cell towers there, don’t they. Most of all, we have to get rid of the weakling in the Oval Office. Everything he has done in the Middle East has been a disaster. I know that your people generally like Americans, so I don’t see the Muslim Brotherhood getting a grip there, Good luck and G-D speed!

    • Philosopher says:

      Iphones????…you lost me me on iphones

      How can any one who claims to be a Christian…advocate for merciless slaughter of innocent women and children..whose only crime was being born an unfortunate time (with the radical crazies in power)…think of all those innocent lives that would be lost should the bombing begin..or is this just collateral damage? ..The price for you wearing your holiness on your round your neck for the rest of us to see..while you smile with smug self righteousness.

      Look….at libya..that turned out well..
      Iraq…Afganistan before that….Kosovo/Yugoslavia

      Seriously…what is wrong with some of you people?

      Obama and Romney are different sides of the same coin.

      As a Christian, I would not in good conscious vote for any of them..they don’t stand for what I believe in..nor what I stand for, I would rather vote for the independent candidate..then.. I at the very least made a choice, a choice I wasn’t forced to make..of the lesser of two evils.

      What has any kind of military intervention achieved…the USA has a history of supporting dictators like the Shaar of Iran who was imposed after a democratically elected secular president was deposed with US help. The shaar was in turn toppled in the Iranian revolution which ushered in the crazy..Radical Islamist Mullah’s and Ayatollah’s.

      Directly getting involved in a war will crash the US and global economy. What the US can do probably clandestinely train…and support Christain’s and secular dissident’s (Not Al queda like they always do..Egypt,libya..and before that Afghanistan (vs the soviets))

  2. Walt Martin says:

    Great article Reza but no one is listening. If Obama wins this election we are going to war because of his inaction and his failed foriegn policy at every turn.

    We have defectors and the information is not being used. We have been asking for a free radio for Iran with programing that reflects the will of the Iranian people since 2009 to no avail. VOA programs that support Mousavi and the greens is not what Iranians are asking for and complaints about the program from democracy advocates in Iran have been numerous. VOA fired Chalangi who was outspoken and opposed to the regime and installed regime supporters and reformist.

    You are also right that we shouldn’t let another oportunity for regime change slip by us but our worst enemy is Obama. The Iranian regime has been emboldened by Obama’s inaction and attacks against US targets and troops have been stepped up and additional attacks are being planned but again, the Obama administration fails to act on the intel.

    Obama has also let two major terrorist walk. He made a deal in Iraq with Sadr that has completely backfired as witnessed by the increased number of killings and bombings since our troops were forced to leave because of more Obama failed policy. He didn’t spend 20 minutes talking with Maliki which is the reason we were asked to leave Iraq, not the reason Obama gives that it was time to leave. Before we left Iraq the Iranian regime was in control of Maysan and Basra provinces. Now Iraq is an arms route to Syria, Lebanon and Yemen supplying Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda.

    A judge recently suggested during court discussions in Washington, DC that Obama’s main Iran policy advisor is an agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have been complaining about these advisors since Obama took office. Having agents of Iran dictate the US policy on Iran is exactly hy we are being attacked around the world.

    I could go on and on but the key to resolving the Iran problem is to support freedom seeking Iranians and that is something Obama refuses to do and Clinton is just as bad. Obama is right on one issue that it is time for a change. It is time to vote him out of office and elect a president that cares about America. It is time to get rid of Obama before we wind up in World War III. Vote Romney if you want us here in the US or the freedom seeking Iranians to have half a chance at achieving this goal. Syrian’s, Iraqi’s and Afghani’s continue to be murdered in mass because of Obama’s weakness. We need a strong President that will bring this country back to the status it deserves as the number 1 democracy in the world.

  3. Reza Kahlili says:

    Dear Donna and Walt, thank you for your support and comments. I have been saying for a long time that the only solution to Iran problem is to help Iranians with change. It is unfortunate that over three decades of negotiations has not still convinced our politicians that it will only help the radicals in Iran with their agenda of influencing the events in the world. God Bless.

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