A Time to Betray Called a CIA Plot by Iran’s Fanatics

Written by Reza Kahlili on April 23rd, 2010

The Iranian government, through its daily paper, Aftab, published an article about me and my book, calling it, “A plot against the Islamic regime of Iran by the CIA.”

The paper starts with a lengthy headline:

In a new scenario designed to create psychological warfare against Iran, the CIA has authorized a person who claims to have been a member of the Revolutionary Guards and to have spied for 10 years for the CIA to publish a book clearly named as a betrayal ‘A Time to Betray’ by someone named Reza Kahlili.

The paper then goes on to attempt to refute some of the facts in my book:

This person claims that the former President of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, ordered the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie. He says this despite the fact that Libyan TV has repeatedly shown Libyan leader, Muoamar Gaddafi, greeting al-Megrahi upon his return to Libya and that Megrahi was the only one indicted and sentenced for life for the bombing.

The paper fails to point out that I got my information from one of the regime’s own intelligence agents. This agent told me that the bombing was in retaliation for the downing of an Iranian commercial airliner by the US Navy.

Aftab also fails to mention that the regime’s terrorist activity was hardly limited to this one case. Many members of the Islamic Government have been indicted by courts around the world, including Hashemi Rafsanjani, for the Jewish community center bombing in Argentina, and Ahmad Vahidi, the current defense minister who is on the Interpol’s wanted list, for participation in that same bombing. The writer of this attack on me and my book leaves out that Mohsen Rafiqdoost, then the Minister of the Revolutionary Guards, openly admitted to Iran’s involvement in the US Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, and that Hassan Abassi, a strategist and close advisor to supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, openly admits to arming Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. He preaches that creating fear and havoc in the land of infidels is not only essential, but holy!

The paper continues:

… what happened to boys and girls in Iran, which was actually a confrontation with the terrorist group Mujahedin and a tumultuous disturbance, gives Kahlili the excuse for betraying his country. Kahlili decided to contact the CIA. Just as the Mujahedin got help from Saddam, Kahlili contacts the FBI and then gets connected with the CIA.

What the paper is saying here is that the most heinous crimes committed by the regime were justified because they were actions against terrorists. This is nothing new. They consider anyone who even dares to think differently from them a terrorist, a leftist, or the enemy of God.

They believe that atrocities unimaginable by reasonable people are actually sanctioned by God. This justifies in their minds raping a 16-year-old virgin girl before executing her, in order to deny her heaven. How is this justifiable even if the girl is part of an opposition group? How is it justifiable to put a mother of two in a hole and stone her to death even if she has committed a sin (adultery) in her private life? Would any god truly support hanging college students – the future of our country – because of their belief in democracy and freedom?

All of this is still going on today. If you don’t want to take my word for it, consider Neda, a symbol of the regime’s brutal, violent, and unjust governing. As has been documented by video seen all over the world, they shot this innocent woman and watched her bleed to death because she wanted nothing more than to have her vote counted.

Shame on you, Aftab, and all the rest of you who condone such atrocities!

The paper continues:

This person also claims that there is another secret site besides the Qum facility, which he has reported to the CIA. Most important is when he says that he wants to change the policies of the US towards Iran…. It’s quite clear what Kahlili means by change of policy. This is the same strategy that the terrorist organization of Mujahedin has adopted to overturn the government of Iran. Kahlili also indicates his disappointment in Obama’s approach in sending messages to the Iranian leaders and the Guards’ commanders in trying to reach settlement and states that, ‘the truth is that this religious system of Iran will obtain the nuclear bomb if it is not stopped.’ He is suggesting that Iran is after the bomb, even though our supreme leader has denied this fact strongly.

Kahlili claims that he had reported the Guards decision to buy a nuclear bomb and how the Guards, a year after his report, met with Khan (the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb) and others, and offered substantial amount of money in exchange for the bomb, getting blueprints for centrifuges instead. Kahlili is inventing a scenario where the Guards are making a nuclear bomb.

At least the paper isn’t denying the well-documented fact that the Guards met with Pakistani officials to buy nuclear bombs. However, saying that the supreme leader has no desire to obtain the bomb and that he has officially stated that the use of this weapon is against the principles of Islam (something he has in fact stated), can only be interpreted as a joke. This is the same supreme leader that claims that there is no torture in Iran and that his nation is a fully democratic country where the people and the elections are free!

I am not surprised by the response of the Iranian regime. Nor am I surprised by how they are trying to portray me. When I was working as a Guard, it was routine to call anyone opposing the regime a supporter of the Mujahedin, because, at the time, the Mujahedin were engaged in assassinations of Iranian officials and had taken up arms against the regime. If they had bothered to read my book, Aftab would have seen that I even criticized the Mujahedin organization for driving Iran close to a civil war and that I condemned their cooperation with Saddam in fighting the Iranian forces defending our country. If they had read my book, they would have found an unbiased story of our lives, of our pains and aspirations, and our desire for freedom, which should be everyone’s right.

I know that to betray your friends, your loved ones and your country is a shameful and disgraceful act, but if I had to, I would do the same all over again. This criminal regime left me with no choice but to act the way I did. I will continue to tell the world the truth about the Islamic Government and its more than three decades of criminal acts against its own people and the rest of the world. Nothing said by Aftab or any other mouthpiece of the regime can prevent me from doing so.

I pray day and night for my country, my people of Iran, my Vatan, and ask the loving God to help bring down this regime and free us all from this madness. Please join me in this. We can do it!


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  1. Steve Devore says:

    I read your book last night. Was greatly touched.

    What i don’t understand about our (USA) government is, if we want to end terrorism, why don’t we put a stop to the Iranian regime. What we are going after are only the tentacles of the monster and not the monster itself.

    Short of an all out war in which hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians would be killed, what can we do to expedite regime change.

    The current uprising was quashed. What can be done and how can I (we) help?

  2. Reza Kahlili says:

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for reading my story and I am happy that you liked it. What needs to be done is that the West needs to strongly support the aspirations of the Iranian people. However it seems that the West prefers war over other options!


    • Steve DeVore says:

      Thanks for your reply. When I said I “read your book last night” what I meant was that I downloaded your book on my iPad in the afternoon and stayed up all night reading until I finished at 7:30 the next morning.

      I try to read one book per week and I must tell you it was one of the most riveting and moving books I have ever read.

      You often, even in your most recent writing, still berate yourself as a traitor to your country, family, etc. On the contrary, you’re a true patriot and hero. You should stop berating and diminishing yourself.

      Finally, in your post, you say the solution to regime change is “the West needs to strongly support the aspirations of the Iranian people”

      What are those aspirations (I think it is obvious) and SPECIFICALLY what should the West do to support those aspirations short of military action.

      FYI, my first business partner after graduate school was from Hamedan. We were partners from 1979 to 1990. Through my association with him, his family and Persian friends, I came to love and respect Iranian people and the culture.

      During that time I experienced with him the fall of the Shah, the hostage crisis, Carter’s failed attempt to rescue the hostages, Reagan’s election and the freeing of the hostages, the shooting down of the Iranian Airlines passenger jet, etc. As these vents unfolded, he, his family, and friends shared stories and feelings similar to yours.

      Again, what SPECIFICALLY can we do to help facilitate regime change?

      Since I believe the current regime is the greatest threat to the free agency of humankind that’s ever existed, this is a cause I could devote the remainder of my life to –for the sake of my 7 children, 17 grandchildren and their posterity.

  3. Reza Kahlili says:

    Wow. Thats amazing. You stayed up all night reading. I am glad you liked it. What specifically needs to be done is for the West to cut all diplomatic ties, throw out all agents of the regime.Block airspace and sea ports from Iran to the West and vise versa and be vocal in support of the people of Iran wanting freedom.There will be cracks in the establishment, defections will follow and the regime will crumble.Otherwise we are heading for war.

    You are a great man, just spread the word. My articles address this situation and I need help for our politicians to hear it.

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